professional tm the professionaltm
tape measure with dual
printed nylon coated blade

available in 5m and 8m

ATP-5019 5m/16ft x 19mm The Professionalâ„¢ Tape Measure 40
ATP-8025 8m/26ft x 25mm The Professionalâ„¢ Tape Measure 40
*Minimum Order Quantity

The Professional Tape Measure

Known in the industry as "The professionals' choice" this EC Class II tape is a superior tape measure. Featuring a 25mm wide blade with both metric and imperial measurements along its length for maximum convenience. The markings are printed clearly in black and red ink against a hi-visibility background. The hi-visibility background make this tape measure ideal for those working in dirty/muddy or lower light conditions.

What's more, this tape features a dual printed blade with markings on both the top and the bottom making it incredibly easy to take vertical measurements and measurements from below. The Advent Professional tape is contained within a chrome-plated, impact-resistant ABS plastic case that's ergonomic to use as well as being highly durable. The case contains an advanced mechanism that delivers a particularly smooth action.

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