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Available in 5m and 8m

ATM2-5025 5m/16ft x 25mm Rugged Tape Measure 72
ATM2-8025 8m/26ft x 25mm Rugged Tape Measure 48
*Minimum Order Quantity

The 2 Series Tape Measure

The 2 Series tape measure is a robust, practical tape measure manufactured to Class II accuracy standards and packed with the key features needed for fast & accurate measurements on the job. Whether you are a trade professional or a DIY enthusiast, you will find many uses for this accurate and easy-to-use tape measure.

Key features include:

  • Metric and imperial blade markings
  • Handy pause button
  • Manufactured to EC Class II standards
  • Three rivet end hook
  • Durable, robust ABS plastic case
  • Belt clip to ensure your tape doesn't go walkabout when you need it most!

  • Want it own branded?

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