open reel steel

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steel ones

Available in 30m and 50m versions

LU30E/EOB 30m/100ft x 13mm Open Frame Steel Tape Measure 5
LU50E/EOB 50m/165ft x 13mm Open Frame Steel Tape Measure 5
*Minimum Order Quantity

Open Reel Steel Tape 30m & 50m

The Open Reel Steel Tape has a heavy-duty, impact resistant frame with a soft-feel hand grip. The blade is made from dura NY nylon coated steel for durability and is fitted with a claw end hook.

One side is marked in imperial graduations and the other side in metric graduations. Features a smooth and rapid rewind action. Mixed sizes accepted for minimum order quantity of 5.

Available Own Branded

  • Heavy-duty impact resistant frame.
  • Auto Lock.
  • 13mm extra strong blade.
  • Dura NY Coated Blade.
  • True Zero steel end hook.
  • Smooth and rapid rewind action.

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