long fibreglass

tapes the long

Available in 30m, 50m & 100m versions

FU30E/EOB 30m/100ft x 13mm Open Frame Fibreglass Tape Measure 5
FU50E/EOB 50m/165ft x 13mm Open Frame Fibreglass Tape Measure 5
FU100E/EOB 100m/330ft x 13mm Open Frame Fibreglass Tape Measure 5
*Minimum Order Quantity

Open Reel Fibreglass Tape 30m, 50m & 100m

The Open Reel Long Fibreglass Tape measure has a heavy-duty ABS frame built to last. The 3 x high speed gear mechanism and dual rollers, to guide the blade and prevent twisting reduce work time. The triple coated fibreglass blade means that there is no stretch making your measurements true.

The fibreglass blade can withstand the highest tencile strength and also guarantees lifetime use. The coating helps it to last up to 15 times longer than standard tapes. The case has shock absorbing rubber bumpers It also features a true zero claw end hook. Accuracy: EC Class II

  • Heavy-duty impact resistant frame.
  • Soft-feel hand grip.
  • 13mm easy read yellow tape.
  • One side marked imperial, the other metric.
  • Steel claw end hook.
  • Smooth and rapid rewind action.

  • Available Own Branded

    Mixed sizes accepted for minimum order quantity of 5.

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