Hexagonal Tub 15 & Sharpener

Hexagonal Carpenter's
Tub & Sharpener


The Advent 15 Piece Hexagonal Carpenter's Pencil Set

The Advent 15 Piece Hexagonal Carpenter's Pencil Set is supplied in a plastic tube and includes a universal sharpener. The pencils are perfect for drawing saw lines, drill points etc, onto wood. They are larger in size compared to normal pencils. The sharpener is ergonomically designed, ensuring comfortable use, and sharpens both carpenter’s pencils and lumber crayons.


  • 15 x Hexagonal Carpenter's Pencils.
  • 1 x Universal Sharpener.

  • Features
  • Individually Barcoded.
  • FSC certified timber.
  • Supplied in a box of 15
  • Pencils un-sharpened both ends; left cut for easy sharpening
  • Oval-hexagonal pencil design
  • Universal sharpener supplied
  • 175 mm length

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