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Available in 5m and 8m Metric Only & 5m/16ft 8m/26ft Metric and Imperial

Order code m/ft mm    
MPT57E 5m/16ft 27mm 8 32
MPT87E 8m/26ft 27mm 8 32
MPT57E-M 5m 27mm 8 32
MPT87E-M 8m 27mm 8 32

Komelon PowerBlade

The Komelon PowerBlade II tape has a dura NY nylon coated steel dual printed blade with vertical blade markings on the reverse and patented hi-vis blade printing. The Dura NY nylon coating offers superior quality that lasts up to 15 times longer.

It's ergonomically designed ABS case with a moulded rubber grip provides increased comfort. The edges of the blade have been deburred and it offers measurements in both metric and imperial graduations. It also has a magnetic end hook.

These high grade tapes have an excellent feel and their durability is second to none. Available in 5m/16ft 8m/26ft metric and imperial and 5m and 8m metric only versions. EC Class II accurate.

Key Features

  • Hi Visibility blade
  • Dura NY coated blade
  • Magnetic End Hook
  • Dual Printed Blade
  • Black and Chrome ABS Case 
  • EC Class II Accuracy
  • 5m/8m x 27mm Metric Only
  • 5m/16ft 8m/26ft x 27mm Metric and Imperial

5m Product Specification

27mm wide blade

5m Metric Only - 5m/16ft Metric and Imperial

Weight: 383g

Height: 85mm Width: 85mm Depth: 45mm

8m Product Specification

27mm wide blade

8m Metric Only- 8m/26ft Metric and Imperial

Weight: 581g

Height: 90mm Width: 90mm Depth: 50mm

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