fibreglass THE

Available in 30m, 50m, 100m

Order code m/ft mm    
FU30E/E 30m/100ft 13mm 1 5
FU50E/E 50m/165ft 13mm 1 5
FU100E/E 100m/330ft 13mm 1 5

Komelon Long Fibreglass Tape

The Komelon 30m / 50m and 100m Unigrip Fibreglass Tape has a heavy-duty ABS frame with a built in wire guard for added protection. The 3x high speed gear mechanism and dual rollers guide the blade and prevent twisting. It has a double coated fibreglass blade with metric measurements on the front and imperial measurements on the back. It also features a true zero claw end hook.

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